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How to Use

  1. Enter the master passphrase
  2. Start typing the domain name in the 'Domain' field. If you have used this password before, you will see the domain-username in a dropdown list. Click to choose it. You're done; the password is automatically copied to the clipboard for you (unless you've disabled that in the settings menu.)
  3. For a new entry, just enter the domain and username.
  4. Change the password computation options for this username if necessary (use the '☰' button), then click the "Compute" button.
  5. The password is computed and (optionally) copied to clipboard. If online, the "password profile" (domain, username, and computation options settings) are saved to the server. The next time you need this password, you can select it from the dropdown list.
  6. If you want to modify or replace the computed password, just edit it and click the "Save" button. This "custom" password will be AES256-encrypted and stored on the server.

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about Diceware generate

Auto clear master and site passwords after secs inactivity.
Permit non-Diceware master passwords.

Do not automatically copy passwords to clipboard
Domain incremental search matches from beginning

You need to have entered a master password and generated at least one site password to edit category names.

Export all password data to Keepass compatible CSV file
Import passwords from another Strongman account
Import passwords from CSV file chosen below custom CSV headers

Remove Strongman account

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